I am a single mother to a very tall, very creative twelve year old boy. I am a strong, female adventurer. I question authority: government, capitalism and the general mainstream idea that more is better. I bend the gender norms. I am a free-thinking hippie at heart, and that heart belongs to my son, our dog and the swaying pines that reside high in the snow-capped mountains. Everything that I do in life, everything I observe and everything I photograph all revolve around my love for life, my son and Mother Nature. I think that people, inherently, are good. I like to capture that good with an inquisitive mind, a creative eye and well honed skills that have been developing and evolving for nearly twenty years. I invite you to get to know me over a cold, well crafted beer or a soy cappuccino. Let's talk about good beer, good music, good people, Mother Nature and how I can use my creative talents and expertise to be of service to you.