Adventure Family Photography
“I am AMAZED by how Michelle finds so much essence in the images behind her lens. She uses her photography to capture the purest soul and light of the world. When I look back on work she has done for me I’m so blessed to relive so much of the tender vulnerability, humor, love and connection of my past.”
— Carrie, Indianapolis


Every session is a unique adventure, no matter how little or how far we travel. I would love to create an adventure with your family!

I spent my pre-parenting days climbing 14ers, hitting the ski slopes, rock climbing, backpacking and mountain biking some of the most scenic land in the country. I reinvented my life on the daily while chasing sunsets, sweet trails and epic views. Today, I have a twelve year old who has been doing nearly all of these things since he was a wee small child, right along side of me. More often than not, adventures tend to happen at a much slower pace with little ones. The beauty of this is that they help us see everything in a different light and offer a brand new perspective on a world that usually flies by at a breakneck speed! 

I love photographing my people at all stages and places of life: solo adventures, adventures with friends, weddings, elopements, the whole nine yards. What really moves my soul, though, is to explore with your family as it grows. I want to scramble across the rocks and stomp in the creek, just like a kid again, and make beautiful art while you're busy making memories. No matter whether we're in Indiana, Colorado, the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere in between, I have a giant stash of favorite spots that are both dog and kid-friendly that I'd love to share with you!


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Michelle wants to please the client, capture the very essence of who we are, and go to great lengths to do so. In Colorado Springs, the weather is a little crazy. We waited for a break in the weather, rode in our truck with two dogs and our kids, and hiked in a blizzard to capture the beautiful surroundings of Garden Of The Gods. Michelle spent the time to capture our love of nature and the joy of being a family. We cant wait to have another adventure with her!
— Dawn, Colorado