Indianapolis, Indiana

Michelle Craig || Traveling Portrait Photographer


I love the road. I love the freedom and the adventure. I love the new experiences, the new people and the new landscapes. I love that little tug of excitement that I get in my heart over all of it. When I’m on the road, though, there is a tightly knit community in my home town that keeps a piece of my heart with them. The invention of social media has softened that longing that I feel when I’m away from them. I get to see photos, read stories, see videos and chat with the ones that mean the most. However, social media will never beat reclaiming my home base for a short time so that I can reconnect the way that humans are meant to…on a physical level.

Vanlife has not only given me the opportunity to live my best life on the road, as a nomad once again, but it also allows for the opportunity for us to be more intimately involved in our community when we’re in Indy. We are “neighbors” with all of our closest people by parking near or at their homes. Morning coffee, collective dinners, and just generally supporting each other in a day to day way that we otherwise would be challenged to do because of distance. I’ve been able to spend more time with my nieces than before, even if it’s hanging around their kitchen table while I edit photos and they eat/play. Noah has the opportunity to continue to build on an already close relationship with them, as well as other friends. He happily spends hours upon hours playing make believe in the basement and backyard with his cousins. I get to give my sister a tiny break from the hours of swinging that little Junie B begs for all the time. :) The upside to Aunt Chelle giving the swings is that she also takes the pictures, which is reeeeeeeally high up there to Junie, too.

I know that Indiana will never fully be home to me because my entire being craves a very different type of life, but this strong little princess and the rest of our crew will always hold enough of my heart to bring me back.