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Look, I'm finally starting a blog!! I had these grand plans to begin this journey with something a little more personal but, honestly, I've not been in the space to go there just yet. Also, how can I not be smitten with some seriously sweet and delicious baby chunk? 

Last year I made a stop in St. Paul to visit Cheryl and Jeff, and to document their little family before Nolan made his way earth-side. Now, almost a year later, I got the chance to photograph them again. While I wish I could have met Nolan when he was born, it was so much fun to see him full of giggles and personality...and man, I just need to mention those adorable rolls again! They remind me so much of my sweet boy when he was a baby. 

We photographed at their favorite dog park, at the Como Park Conservatory and wrapped up in Nolan's beautiful little nursery at home. I remember seeing his nursery wall in the very beginning stages last year and I knew that I'd want to do some portraits in front of it one day. I had no idea how much I would adore the finished wall and the story that Cheryl told to go along with it! Evidently she was so concerned with getting the shading perfect and complete that she was still working on it during the throes of labor, stopping to breathe through contractions as she painted! If that's not commitment I don't know what is! :) 

Michelle Craig is a traveling family photographer and adventure photographer. She is home based out of Indiana but spends most of her time on the road across the U.S., roamschooling her son and capturing your adventures as they travel.